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The Power of helping yourself, through helping others; is therapeutic.

Our Focus

1. Stories of Victims
2. Stories of Survivors
3. Informative Education by Peer Support Experts

A program specially curated to support individuals and families looking to have more self-awareness, understanding of The Fundamentals of Mental Wellbeing and its importance. Inclusive of practical life application skills and stories by persons with various lived experiences from diverse backgrounds.


Learning Outcome

Our 3-hour program (Team Bonding not included) aims to desensitize the prose for easy learning. We lay it in language to have a feel of Learning Outcome

  • Deeper awareness about trauma
  • Understanding Intergenerational Trauma impact
  • Reframing of Perceptions
  • Discovery of the 5 Love Languages
  • Importance of Mindfulness and 7 Positive Attitudes
  • The Power of Choice is Within Us
  • Reflection Skills
  • Self Improvement and Awareness Discovery Plan (Execution of day to day)

Targeted for (not limited to) the following

Individuals, Work Place Wellness, Community Settings, Volunteers, Front Line Workers

At the end of the program, you may join The Unheard Program online support platform with multiple avenues such as Community Writing and Creative Expressions, including art, photography, and Keynote Speakers. 

No prior experience is required to contribute to this initiative. We provide
opportunities for individuals to express themselves – a place for the unheard to be heard


Upcoming Public Sessions

Due to the ever-changing situation surrounding Covid 19, PGR has curated a ‘lite’ version of the
Unheard, where we condense the session to 2 hours, over an online course, and remove the physical interactions that will usually take place.

Update as of 16 Oct 2021

: The rising number of Covid 19 cases in Singapore is a cause for concern, until such time it is deemed safe, we will conduct only The Unheard Lite. We hope to see you in person once this pandemic/endemic subsides!

To ensure that all participants are fully engaged and will achieve learning outcomes, we can only
accommodate 15 pax per session.